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Korneff Audio Amplified Instrument Processor

Korneff Audio Amplified Instrument Processor  ·  Source: Korneff Audio


Korneff Audio’s new Amplified Instrument Processor channel strip plug-in is primarily designed for guitar, bass and keyboards. But the developer says that it’ll work on any signal and even across the whole mix. Let’s take a look.


Korneff Audio Amplified Instrument Processor

Korneff Audio is run by producer and engineer Dan Korneff, who first ventured into the world of plug-ins with the Pawn Shop Comp and Talkback Limiter. Now he’s back with a channel strip, and it looks just as beautiful and slightly steampunk-y as the others.

Upon entering the Amplified Instrument Processor (AIP), the signal first reaches the ‘Proprietary Signal Processor’. The preamp module offers a choice of tube, tape and solid state response modeling. After that, the ‘Insufferable Midrange Filter’ – a specialized notch filter – helps to clean up build-ups in the presence range.

At the heart of the AIP is a 4-band parametric EQ based on German Klangfilm tube equalizers of the 1950s. Korneff says that it combines digital precision with “analog quirkiness and unpredictability”.

The VCA compressor can be inserted pre or post EQ. According to Korneff Audio, it’s based on the dbx 202 circuit and offers full control over all compression parameters. Korneff says that it’s “great for guitars, but smooth and musical enough to work with vocals”.


There’s also a second dynamics module called ‘Frequency Dependent Gain Reduction’, which handles selected frequencies below 600 Hz, thereby cleaning up the low end of guitars, bass, vocals or kick drums.

Finally, the AIP offers a stereo widening algorithm controlled by a simple slider. Korneff says that it can spread out the stereo image “without sacrificing the solidity of the center”.

That’s a nice feature set that gives you everything you need to shape the sound of guitars, keyboards and other instruments in a single plug-in. I’m looking forward to hearing some demos soon!

Price and compatibility

The Korneff Audio Amplified Instrument Processor is now available for an introductory price of USD 99.99. The regular price will be USD 169.99.

The plug-in runs on macOS 10.7 or higher (Korneff recommends 10.14 or higher) and Windows 7 or higher (64 bit only). It’s available in VST3, AU and AAX formats. You’ll need an iLok account for activation.

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Korneff Audio Amplified Instrument Processor

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