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Hagerman Amplification One Watter - Tube pedal amplifier with a pure, clean tone

Hagerman Amplification One Watter - Tube pedal amplifier with a pure, clean tone  ·  Source: Hagerman Amplification


Hagerman Amplification has just announced a new tube pedal. The One Watter aims to achieve a pure, clean tube amp tone in a pedal format. Could this all green, lean machine be the perfect companion for use at home or in the studio? Let’s take a closer look. 


Hagerman Amplification One Watter

According to the Hagerman Amplification website, the new One Watter is aimed squarely at the practice-at-home market. Though I wonder if it might double as a useful studio tool as well. The premise is pretty simple: design and build a clean, warm and pleasant sounding tube amp, and then put it into a pedal format.

Hagerman One Watter - Tube Pedal Amplifier

Hagerman Amplification One Watter – Tube Pedal Amplifier

Pure Tone

With just 1 Watt of power, this eardrum-friendly amp-in-a-pedal is designed to give you a pure, clean tube tone. It won’t deliver a huge amount of gain from the actual tubes in the main circuit, though you can boost it if you want.

The ‘chimey’ clean tones come from a single 12AY7 tube for gain, driving a 12BH7 (paralleled sections) running single-ended. The pedal employs an oversized output transformer. There is also a boost channel which operates using an EF86 pentode for extra gain and chime, in case you want to drive it a little. It will also work well with your existing pedals.

Hagerman One Watter - Tube Pedal Amplifier [erfect for home and studio

Hagerman One Watter – Tube Pedal Amplifier [erfect for home and studio

Simple = Tone

It has a super simple control layout consisting of Volume, Bass, Treble and a knob that adjusts the Gain stage. I would hazard a guess that you could spend ages trying out different tubes in this pedal to achieve different tones. But that can be a rabbit hole, so maybe stick with the stock tubes for a while and get acclimatised to the pedal’s sound first.

This green tube amp will drive any 8 or 16 ohm speaker cabinet and, I suspect, will be louder than you expect it to be. I’ve owned one of the Z.Vex Nano Amps in my studio for years and that little thing could blow your head off, even though it was rated at only half a watt. You haven’t really got the power to blast your ears into submission with these smaller tube amps, but they can still get quite loud.

Studio Friendly

I’m a big fan of low-watt tube amplifiers and love having a few around, as I find they are really useful in the studio. You can use the EQ on your desk in conjunction with your effects pedals to tailor your sound when recording. Head on over to the company site below to get all the full specifications. You can also order direct from Hagerman Amplification.

RRP – USD 439

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