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Invaders Amplification 720 Britt head  ·  Source: Invaders Amplification

Hand-wired in Belgium, the new Invaders Amplification 720 Britt is a twin-channel 20-watt British-style amp head with CLEAN and DRIVE channels.

Invaders Amplification 720 Britt

The 720 Britt is Belgian manufacturer Invaders Amplification’s newest amp. This neat looking silver head is a 20-watt, hand-wired dual channel affair, with a definite British flavour to the sound. The amp has controls for a shared three-band EQ, a MASTER volume and a dedicated gain knob (CLEAN and DRIVE) for each of the channels.

Invaders Amplification 720 Britt

Invaders Amplification 720 Britt

Sculpt your Tone

The amp head has a dedicated DRIVE switch that lets you change between channels, as well as a couple of extra voice toggle switches that alter the amp’s overall character. The BRIGHT switch adds high end to the tone, while the SWEEP switch gives a slight boost to the preamp stage’s midrange. This should enable you to sculpt your tone beyond what the three-band EQ section can achieve by itself. So even though its a compact control panel, there are plenty of tonal options with these added control switches.

Invaders Amplification 720 Britt stack

Invaders Amplification 720 Britt stack

Inputs and Outputs

The amp head has a pair of dedicated HIGH and LO instrument inputs, which provide different amounts of gain. On the back is an effects loop, a FOOTSWITCH input for channel switching via the included footswitch, as well as outputs for both 16 or 8 Ohm cabinets. It looks like this little amp head has you covered for most eventualities.

And because the amps are hand-made in Belgium, you can opt for custom finishes, if you want. Although, I actually quite like the standard colour – a bare metal finish – as it is. But if you fancy something more traditional, you can enquire and they can give you a price.

RRP – EUR 990

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