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Navigating the multi-coloured spaghetti and fighting through the forest of patch cables that spills out of the front of your modular is part of the joy of Eurorack. But maybe there’s another way, maybe you should get some Tendrils.


It’s a novel idea and a great name. Take your regular 3.5mm patch cable and give it a right-angled plug. This could bend everything away from the controls. Forging new paths and new levels of cable tidiness that were hitherto thought impossible. Maybe we don’t have to deal with the cloud of cables, maybe Tendrils has the answer.

The idea behind Tendrils is to provide slimline right-angle patch cables for close patching or semi-permanent connections. There’s stuff that’s plugged in all the time that could benefit from such an intentionally tidy approach. Also, consider live performance where connections you might not be interested in changing on-the-fly could be minimised leaving you to focus on what’s important. How about using them in a portable rack where lid clearance is an issue.

It’s difficult to get excited by patch cables but when you come across something that might actually make a difference to the way you handle your Eurorack and cable management then it’s worth talking about. They certainly give a very different look to a system.



Tendrils are available in sizes from 10cm to 60cm ranging from AUS$2.30 to AUS$2.70. According to Facebook they are looking for more local distribution but the cost of sending out 50 cables from Australia to the UK/EU only costs about €12. They are also planning a range of colours beyond the very serious looking black. I also wonder whether they’d consider have angled and one and straight at the other – might be useful.

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