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Tegeler Audio Schwerkraftmaschine Compressor

Tegeler Audio Schwerkraftmaschine Compressor  ·  Source:

Tegeler Audio Schwerkraftmaschine Compressor front and rear

Tegeler Audio Schwerkraftmaschine Compressor front and rear  ·  Source:

Tegeler Audio Schwerkraftmaschine Remote Plug-in

Tegeler Audio Schwerkraftmaschine Remote Plug-in  ·  Source:


This is a very exciting product for the professional mixing and mastering engineer. Schwerkraftmaschine represents a new way of combining the best of both the digital and analogue worlds. With on-board DSP analysis, motorised knobs via plug-in control and 11 compressor simulations in the analogue domain, I don’t think there hasn’t been a mixing and mastering compressor before that is this versatile.


Tegeler Audio Schwerkraftmaschine – Stereo Compressor

Also known as “Der Kompressor” (“The Compressor”), this has to be one of the most exciting pieces of kit we’ve seen developed this year. Finally, it’s here and orders can be placed. I suspect that the ‘Schwerkraftmaschine’ could prove extremely popular despite it’s high price tag.

This new hardware compressor combines several fresh ideas about how we can achieve the ultimate mixing and mastering compressor for the modern world of production. To start with, the unit features Tegeler’s motorised knobs which follow the remote operation via a plug-in inserted in your DAW. This permits settings to be saved and automation to be written, whilst the actual audio processing is done externally in the analogue chain. This way of combining the joys of hardware transformers and tubes with the luxuries of the digital workflow is very smart in itself.

However, this isn’t the only selling point here. This is a stereo unit which makes mastering and mixing applications possible, with a variety of compressor types. Inside the unit are 11 different programs of compression which they claim can “emulate the behaviour of any existing compressor”. That’s emulation which is executed via analogue processing.

Finally, apparently there is some very advanced DSP built into the unit to achieve more than what’s possible via analogue processing alone. The DSP analyses the incoming signal and then alters the compression control signal, to achieve the variety of programs. I also understand that the DSP calculates some intelligent predictions for the incoming signal, allowing the compressor to react in the most efficient way. This all sounds really exciting on a technical level, but more importantly for me, I love how this seems to have huge practical implementations too. Can’t wait to try one!


More Information

See the Schwerkraftmaschine’s product page on Tegeler’s website for more info. There you can find each of it’s 11 compressor programs available. The Schwerkraftmaschine can be ordered for 3,499 EUR which is their most expensive product to date. However, this also appears to be their most flexible product yet.


Check out this video by Sound On Sound from their YouTube channel, interviewing Tegeler’s CEO and head of development, Michael Krusch, at this years Summer NAMM 2016.

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Tegeler Audio Schwerkraftmaschine Compressor

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