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TC Electronics SpectraComp multiband bass compressor system 6000 tone Print

TC SpectraComp  ·  Source:

TC Electronics SpectraComp multiband bass compressor system 6000 tone Print

TC SpectraComp with TonePrint  ·  Source:


TC Electronics announced the new SpectraComp multiband compressor pedal for bass at this year’s NAMM Show. The unit is very small and only has one dial on the front, so how did they pack all this in?


It’s been designed from the ground up for bass, and the frequencies have been selected and pre-configured for that instrument. The unit can also be used with their TonePrint editing software which runs on Mac or PC. You can also attach it wirelessly to your iOS or Android device and tweak the preset sound to your liking and then store it within the pedal.

They use the high-quality MD3 dynamics engine, which was taken from the TC System 6000 system (a high end studio based piece of hardware) and have applied this technology to a much more affordable piece of equipment. This algorithm is how they achieve the control of the multiband compression yet still manage to squish it all into such a small enclosure.

The SpectraComp pedal uses just one knob to adjust the effect in real-time manually and then the footswitch on the front is used to turn it on and off. Of course, the pedals is true bypass, so when it’s not engaged will allow your signal to pass straight through without affecting your bass tone.

With lots of flexibility for such a small pedal, this unit could be a really useful tool for many bass players. The TC TonePrint technology will also add to the appeal for many, as it means you can download patches to try out from other users, professionals and artists via the TonePrint App.




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