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Taylor Days Spring Break Deal

Taylor Days Spring Break Deal  ·  Source: Taylor

Do you urgently need two new quality dreadnought guitars, but only have money for one? Taylor has a stunning Days Spring Break deal for you: Buy a 300 model or above and get a Baby Taylor model – for free! 

Taylor Deal: Get a Baby Taylor free

Taylor has lined up a stonking offer: If you buy a new guitar from the 300 Series or better  (i.e. 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, Customs and T5z), you can easily get a Baby Taylor guitar on top. Free. And in the current times, any good news is welcomed. Admit it, we all love free stuff!

Baby Taylor BT1

Baby Taylor BT1

Baby Taylor BT 1

The models of the Baby Taylor series come in a range of woods. The BT1 moder, for example, has a solid sitka spruce top, sapele plywood bottom and sides. The body is 3/4 size with a 22-3/4″ scale length sapele neck and 19, narrower frets mounted on an ebony fretboard. That makes this series ideal for travelling or smaller musicians. So if you have children, that would be a good excuse. However, we don’t expect any compromises in volume or sound. But Martin says users of the BT1 have included big names like Bono and Taylor Swift, so if you get one you’ll be in good company. A lefty version is available too, for you southpaws out there.

The cheapest model you can currently buy to get this deal is probably the 317 V-Class *. But if you already wanted to buy one, then now is probably the right time. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Builders Edition 517 * or 912CE * they are all included in this great offer.

Deal period: From now until 3 May.

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