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Taurus releases Stomp-Head 3 pedalboard guitar amp

Taurus releases Stomp-Head 3 pedalboard guitar amp  ·  Source: Taurus

Taurus has released the  Stomp-Head 3 pedalboard guitar amp, a lightweight, all-in-one solution for gigging guitarists. This intriguing gadget is now available in both Classic and High Gain versions.

Taurus Pedalboard

The Polish company has squeezed a 60 watt, two-channel guitar amp into a package that weighs a measly 2.2 kg. The amps both utilise what it’s calling Master Tube Design which uses a 12AX7 tube to get the core tones. Both models have a Line Out with Speaker Simulation, making it easy to use in either live or studio applications.


You can knock the overall power output down to 25 watts in Stage Mode, for when you need less power. There is also a Studio Mode that will run at either 15 watts or 7 watts output, so you don’t need to deafen yourself whilst recording. Handy.

Each pedalboard has three footswitches, labelled Channel, Mute and Boost. These allow you to navigate the amp with your feet.

The amps themselves have controls for GAIN, BASS, MIDDLE, MID-RANGE switch, TREBLE, PRESENCE, VOLUME and BOOST.


This all looks easy enough to use, and that I think that is probably the selling point for me. The whole concept just appears simple to set up and move around, avoiding the back-breaking lugging of huge amp heads or scrolling through menus.

As a follow on from their Stomp-Head 5, which I wrote about back 2016, I think these are both a pretty neat amp solution for many players. I appreciate the simplicity of the layout and design. Of course, you just have to choose which version you prefer and that could be a problem if you are indecisive…

Stomp-Head 3 Classic

RRP – EUR 696


Stomp-Head 3 High-Gain

RRP – EUR 740


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