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Model 3650

Model 3650  ·  Source: Synthetic Sound Labs

Model 3650

Model 3650  ·  Source: Synthetic Sound Labs

The Model 3650 Digital Sequencer for the Buchla modular format features 16 steps with sequence and song memory and you can play it like a mini keyboard when the sequence isn’t running.

Model 3650

We don’t often cover Buchla format modules as there are not a lot of them about so it’s good to spot one when you can. The 3650 is a nicely straightforward sequencing module with everything out on the panel including those deliciously drum-machine-like buttons. You have a mini keyboard with an octave switch that can take you 5 octaves in any direction. You’ve then got 16 steps, a bit of transport control and a handful of outputs.

You can save a sequence to any one of the 7 white notes and you can string up to 16 sequences together to create a Song which can be save to any one of the 5 black notes.

For each step you have a note output which will be quantised due to the nature of the keyboard, an accent output and a pulse output. You can enter a Rest which holds the previous note and doesn’t fire the pulse output whereas the Slur option changes the note but doesn’t fire the pulse. The Pulse has different modes with 16 different lengths and 3 possible ratchet options.

The 3650 has an internal clock but can be clocked externally.

The Start Input operates as a sequence reset and the End Output sends a pulse when it hits the end of the sequence. You can use these together to chain up 3650 modules into larger sequencers. Once chained you can use them as clock dividers or transposers as well.

The Model 3650 costs $495 and is a great looking module that seems far too simple for Buchla – it generates actual notes, regular piano style notes in a regular programmable sequence. What will they think of next?

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