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Cherry Audio Synth Stack 3

Cherry Audio Synth Stack 3  ·  Source: Cherry Audio


The Cherry Audio bundle gets an upgrade to reflect the latest releases, let’s see what you get in the increasingly fabulous Synth Stack 3.


Synth Stack 3

Cherry Audio introduced Synth Stack 2 after the release of the Quadra a whole year ago. It came with 10 instruments and included the full version of Voltage Modular. Since then there has been a number of solid releases. So it seems about right to pump them into a new Synth Stack.

Version 3 now has 16 of Cherry Audio’s virtual synthesizers, and it’s quite a collection. Adding to the existing synths, which include DC-106, CA2600, MG-1 Plus, Polymode, Eight Voice, PS-20, Memorymode, Mercury-4 and Quadra, comes the DreamSynth, Miniverse, Lowdown, Elka-X, Sines and the brand new GX-80.

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Of the existing instruments, I use the DCO-106 all the time, it’s a fabulously playable take on the Juno-106, and I never tire of it. The CA2600 is also a lot of fun, and I’ve come to rely on the PS-20 whenever I need something a bit fierce. Of the new additions, the GX-80 is an extraordinary piece of work, taking in the classic Yamaha CS-80 and GX-1 icons. I’ve also got a lot of time for Sines, where you can build the most amazing layers of tone, and I really enjoyed Elka-X as an unusual and wonderfully vintage-sounding instrument.

The bundle price of Synth Stack 3 is £264, which is an extraordinary deal for 16 synthesizers. Cherry Audio price their instruments quite aggressively, and so in some ways, it’s easier just to pick up the one or two that really appeal to you. But there’s no doubt that Synth Stack 3 is a decent deal for a bundle of often quirky, unusual and great-sounding synths.

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Cherry Audio Synth Stack 3

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