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Random*Source First Aid

Random*Source First Aid  ·  Source: Random*Source

If you are patching up some 4U Serge modular you might need a First Aid 4×4 utility module from Random Source – or a t-shirt.


First Aid

There’s always an elegance and style about these Serge modules from Random*Source. Beautifully laid out, clear and fundamentally functional and this is just a utility module.

First Aid has two of the Serge Active Processor Plus circuits that act as an ultra-precise VC controlled attenuverter for accurate crossfading of CV or audio, or a 4 quadrant multiplier and mix output. Random*Source says it’s great for drones.

Random*Source do a range of Serge modular modules and full panels but they also do some Eurorack versions which lose nothing of their style in their loss of height.

Random*Source can be found at booth B015.

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