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Erica Synths Perkons leak

Erica Synths Perkons leak  ·  Source: Erica Synths


A photo has emerged of an unannounced Erica Synths device called PERKONS HD-OI. The buttons suggest it’s a drum machine – this looks very interesting.



That’s a weird name, although Google is telling me that there was an 80s Latvian band called Perkons which also means Thunder. Yeah, that sounds about right.

We know nothing other than this image leaked by a company that made the stand it’s sitting on. So what can we see? 4 channels of 16-steps of drum sequencing right up on the front panel or it could represent 64-steps. 6 modules that would indicate 6 channels of synthesized sound with lots of control and a rather nice joystick for modulation. There are all the usual sort of drum machine transport buttons, shuffle and tempo knobs. It looks like a nicely solid case although one of the screws is missing.


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This looks seriously interesting. I wonder if Erica Synths will own up to any other details or will we have to wait until Superbooth next week? It’s also interesting how this Instagram post is a couple of days old and Erica Synths were tagged so this might not be as accidental as it appears.

Erica Synths will be in Booth W325.

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Could it be named after these guys?


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2 responses to “Superbooth 2021: Leak! What in the name of thunder is PERKONS?”

  1. gj says:

    Could be the bands name, but Perkons is also one of Latvian pagan Gods – God of Thunder….. It’s late and you are beautiful … last phrase of that song 🙂

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