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MFB Tanzar 2

MFB Tanzar 2  ·  Source: thomann


The MFB Tanzbar was a 14 channel analogue drum machine with 2 channels of synth for melodic voices. They have announced the Tanzbar 2 which gets a much-expanded feature set including samples and a new paint job.


Tanzbar 2

It’s still an analogue drum computer with a bass synthesizer built in but it now has sampling and analogue filters to play with. The channels are now divided into 8 analogue and 8 sample based. One channel of the drums is dedicated to a bass synthesizer which is single voice and has multiple waveforms to choose from. You have individual outputs and mixing on 2 kick channels, 2 snares,  and 3 tom/cowbell channels, plus 3 “voice” outputs and hi-hat. You can assign an LFO to every instrument and record all the modulations.

The synth voice has its own controls over decay and filter cutoff and resonance. The sampled voices have tuning control, cutoff and decay. You can put in your own samples via a software plug-in. The sequencer has 64 steps and the buttons at the bottom double up as a keyboard for instant live recording. You can record data for everything into each step to get some serious movement going.

It’s a comprehensive box that would give Elektron a run for its money in a more traditional style.


The MFN Tanzbar 2 will be available in July for €980.

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MFB Tanzar 2

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