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FAW SubLab

FAW SubLab  ·  Source: FAW

This is the first new synthesizer from Future Audio Workshop in a long time. It’s called SubLab and is designed to give you “the hardest hitting sub-bass every time”.


This is not a virtual analogue synth for making bass noises. SubLab pulls together a number of digital and analogue processes to craft a bass sound in a single instrument that would normally take multiple plug-ins to achieve.

FAW SubLab

FAW SubLab

It starts with an analogue style synthesizer engine with sine, triangle, sawtooth and square wave options. Next, you combine that with a Sample Engine that has 250 sampled kick drums and 808 sounds. There are delay options, maximisers, sustain modes and filtering within the sample section. Next is the X-Sub Engine which is some kind of psychoacoustic sub bass oscillator that generates sympathetic harmonics within the sub-bass range. Then there are 4 different types of distortion for fatness, tone, fizz and heat with a little bit more filtering. Then you can compress with sidechain and then do some proper filtering. And finally, it’s all about maximising, expanding and fattening once more into the fattest of fat basses.

It does all of this with a very pleasingly animated and nicely minimal interface. It comes with 6 signature Bass Packs of preset sounds and they have more coming along to fill the emptiness of your sub-bassless life.

It’s only $40 on a special low deal so get it while it’s hot on Windows or MacOS.

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