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STL Tones Ignite Amps New Emissary 2.0 - Free download

STL Tones Ignite Amps New Emissary 2.0 - Free download  ·  Source: STL Tones


The new Ignite Amps Emissary 2.0 virtual guitar amp is available for download now and it includes 6 free Impulse Responses. Coded by STL Tones, this amp could be perfect for adding some high-gain amp tones to your DAW free of charge.


Ignite Amps New Emissary 2.0

Ignite Amps is giving away its new Emissary 2.0 virtual amp. Designed by STL Tones, it comes with 6 free Impulse Responses.

Okay, so the focus here is on heavy-gain tones, but it can also do the clean stuff. The clean channel can do a range of sounds from pristine cleans to slightly overdriven tones, making this plug-in pretty versatile. Make sure you check out the video below and follow the download link to get your free copy of Emissary 2.0.

STL Tones STL Tones Ignite Amps New Emissary 2.0

STL Tones Ignite Amps New Emissary 2.0


The bundle also includes NadIR which is used to load and view your Impulse Responses (virtual cabinets). That makes this a great freebie and one you should check out.

NadIR runs in mono, stereo or even dual mono, making for a flexible tool. The 6 free included Impulse Responses were taken from the Randall 4×12 Kirk Hammett signature limited edition with 2 x Vintage 30s and 2 x Greenbacks, created at Kick Recording Studio.

But you can load your own or download more from the internet, too. The software is free and thankfully requires no iLok. Just download the bundle and authorise your machine. This tool will run on both Mac and Windows in VST2, VST3 and AU plugin formats.

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