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Steinberg Dorico 3

Steinberg Dorico 3  ·  Source: Steinberg

Steinberg has updated its Dorico notation software. Dorico 3 and Dorico Elements 3 come with many new features designed for more streamlined composition, arranging, and notation workflows. 

Steinberg Dorico 3

One of the key improvements in Dorico Pro 3 over its predecessor is one-click score condensing. According to Steinberg, Dorico 3 can automatically create a condensed conductor’s score, while maintaining correct and coherent instrumental parts. While it is designed to be an automated 1-click process, they say that you’ll still have the flexibility to change the condensation by phrase or by system. If this works as they say, it could save composers and orchestrators quite a bit of planning, time and labour. Score condensing is exclusive to Dorico Pro 3; the Elements version doesn’t have this feature.

Steinberg Dorico 3

One-click condensing

Guitar tablature and chord diagrams

Another area with substantial improvements is guitar notation, which is a field where Dorico fell short of other notation software like Sibelius until now. Dorico 3 not only adds tab notation, but also chord diagrams, which you can also design yourself. According to Steinberg, the tablature notation is highly customizable and dynamically linked to the standard notation. It also includes extensive support for fingerings, as well as string and capo indicators. Harp notation has also been updated with smart pedaling indicators.

Steinberg Dorico 3

Playback templates

Playback templates

To facilitate the use of third-party sound libraries, Dorico 3 lets you save configurations for use in future projects. That means that you’ll only need to go through the process of setting up your favourite sound libraries in Dorico once. You can even share configurations with collaborators. Any instrument that hasn’t been assigned an external library will automatically be handled by the included HALion Symphonic Orchestra. And speaking of libraries, Steinberg has also added the Soundiron Olympus Choir Micro to Dorico.

Other improvements include better handling of lyrics, bar numbers, chord symbols and velocity editing, as well as various notational symbols like glissandos, harmonics and playing techniques.

Price and availability

Like its predecessor, Steinberg Dorico 3 comes in two versions. The fully fledged Dorico Pro 3 costs USD 559.99. Upgrades from Dorico 2 and Dorico 1 are USD 99.99 and USD 149.99, respectively. Educational discounts are available. While Steinberg offers crossgrades for users of Finale or Sibelius for USD 159.99, there doesn’t seem to be a crossgrade option from Presonus Notion.

Dorico Elements 3 is USD 99.99 for a new license. Upgrading from Dorico Elements 2 or Dorico LE 3 will set you back USD 29.99 or USD 49.99, respectively.

Steinberg Dorico 3 is available for Windows (10 and up, 64 bit) and macOS (Sierra and up). The software required 4 GB of RAM, with 8 GB or more recommended.

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