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Marshall and Alexa join forces. Acton II Voice and Stanmore II Voice smart speakers

Marshall and Alexa join forces. Acton II Voice and Stanmore II Voice smart speakers  ·  Source: Marshall

Legendary UK amp maker Marshall Amplification has added Amazon’s Alexa voice recognition tool – now you can talk to your Marshall speaker! The Bluetooth kitchen speaker variety, of course. Marshall is offering two new models, the Acton II Voice and its larger sibling, the Stanmore II Voice. Both have classic Marshall styling and added smart functionality.

Marshall Smart Speakers

I’m pretty sure every guitarist at some point has talked to their equipment, but until now you would not have expected it to answer back. By combining Alexa into a series of Marshall designed speakers, you can now utter the legendary phrase, “Alexa, can you go down the off license and get us a 6-pack of Stella?”

Okay, I don’t think that will actually work, but you could ask it to order you a bottle of Jack Daniels from Amazon and get it delivered to your home. Apart, from my obvious leaning towards buying alcohol with little effort on my part, I do actually use Alexa in my home and so I know from experience that it can be a really useful tool.

I often ask it to turn my lights in my studio on, play my favourite album or remind me I have to write an article for Gearnews. It certainly has its uses.

If you know West London then you’ll know why Marshall has named their two new smart speakers the Acton II and Stanmore II Voice.

Marshall Smart Speakers with Alexa

Marshall Smart Speakers with Alexa, it’s obviously made her life easier!

Acton II Voice

The Acton II Voice is the smaller of the two new Marshall Voice smart speakers. It has three Class D amplifiers driving two tweeters and a subwoofer. The cabinet is wood and it’s finished to look like a classic Marshall speaker cabinet with textured vinyl covering. A salt & pepper grill cloth mimics the aesthetic of classic ’60s amps. You even get a brass control plate.

With Bluetooth onboard, WiFi and an Aux input, it has enough connectivity to work in the majority of home scenarios. The LEDs that indicate when Alexa is responding to your voice are handy. The controls on the top light up to show you where they are set.

You can also use Acton II Voice as part of a multi-room setup, so you can zone your music and have different tracks playing in different rooms for example.

RRP – GBP 269 shipping 23rd November



Stanmore II Voice

The Stanmore II Voice is the larger sibling of the two and has more power than the Acton II Voice. So if you want a larger, room-filling sound, then this will be the one to buy.

This time it has two 15 Watt Class-D amplifiers for the tweeters and a separate 50 Watt Class-D Amp for the subwoofer. Could be the one to get if you’re hearing isn’t what it used to be!

RRP – GBP 349



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