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Stam Audio has an attractive proposition for anyone on the lookout for an 1037 equalizer replica. There are clones aplenty of Rupert Neve’s coveted design, so Stam Audio is giving this all it’s got — resulting in a recreation to a level of detail you may not expect from a unit in this price range.


Starting at USD 799, Stam’s 1073 EQ features a replica of the original’s Marinair LO1166 output transformer, made by Sowter Transformers in the UK. It’s an exact replica that recreates the original laminations, ratio, and frequency response that is exclusive to Stam Audio.

There’s also a Carnhill line input transformer for connecting instruments to the unit, alongside “critical components” like BC184C transistors, Phillips capacitors, carbon resistors, and a Toshiba 2N3055 output transistor. Nice!

Stam obviously went to great lengths to produce a respectable 1073 EQ replica. The manufacturer managed to keep costs down by working on small margins and ordering large batches. The EQ is built in Chile.

Price and availability

The Stam Audio 1073 EQ will be sold in three versions:


1) $799.00 USD- Carnhill output transformer, no Line input transformer

2) $899.00 USD- Sowter output transformer, no Line input transformer

3) $999.00 USD- Sowter output transformer with Line input transformer

All Input and Line input transformers are Carnhill and all units include Blore Edward switches. Additionally, the first 100 pre-orders are eligible for a USD 200 discount.

For another affordable option of owning an 1073-style hardware EQ, check out the Golden Age PREQ-73 Premier. It’s a USD 650 replica with Carnhill transformers that’s also made with high quality components and probably gets plenty close to the sought-after sound.

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Stam Audio Neve 1073 EQ

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