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SPL Crescendo Duo front

 ·  Source: SPL

SPL Crescendo Duo back

 ·  Source: SPL

Germany’s SPL (Sound Performance Lab) has just announced the Crescendo duo. The new dual channel preamp is based on the original 8-channel Crescendo unit, downsized to a cheaper and more compact unit.

Downsizing the Crescendo

Designed for studios in need of a smaller, but no-compromise microphone front end, the Crescendo duo features two pres with the same sonic and technical specifications as the flagship 8-channel Crescendo, released in 2018. Yet again, SPL claims it is nearly impossible to overdrive this preamp. Each pre offers a generous 70 dB of gain. Phantom power aside, both channels are equipped with a high-pass filter, polarity reverse switch and 10 dB PAD switch.

Output level is visualized by a pair of large VU meters. Mic and output gain are separately controlled so you can amplify your mics while gain-matching to the inputs of your converter if needed. The available outputs include two parallel XLR outs per channel for redundancy and signal routing flexibility. No 1/4-inch jack outs here, but XLR will certainly do in a professional setting.

The Crescendo preamps are transformer-less and designed for linear sound, extremely low noise and use 120V SPL SUPRA opamps. The output stages operate as current amplifiers (Class-A). And that’s pretty much it! It’s a high-end linear pre to accompany your USD 10,000 condenser mic. Add a decent converter and Bob’s yer uncle!

Price and availability

The Crescendo duo will ship worldwide April 14, priced EUR 1999 / USD 2500. That’s certainly a lot of money for a 2-channel pre, but those able and willing to plonk down that kind of cash for it are well aware what they are buying into.

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