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Speck EQF 810

 ·  Source: Speck

Boutique audio electronics manufacturer Speck has released a new analogue parametric EQ, the EQF 810. Available in a half rack, single channel format, the equalizer strives for simplicity and top-notch specs. Alongside the 12 potentiometers for frequency adjustment between 20Hz – 25kHz lies a switch to flip between Jensen Transformer-Balanced and Active Balanced output. So there are two sonic options in addition to the equalizer adjustments.

The EQ section has four sweepable bands. The L band covers the 20Hz – 400Hz range and has a Peak/Shelf selector. The L/M band can switch between a low frequency (400Hz – 800kHz) band or a mid-freq band which covers the 400Hz – 8kHz range. The M band is a fully parametric mid band that sweeps between 400Hz to 10kHx, and finally, the H band is the same but for 1.5kHz – 25kHz adjustment.

Then there are the variable filters – LP and HP. The LP filter is a variable 12dB/Octave filter with a Bypass switch, adjustable between 150Hz – 25kHz. The HP filter with Bypass switch is adjustable from 20Hz to 250hZ. A 5x switch changes the adjustable range from 100Hz to 1.2kHz.

Speck EQF 810 Back Panel

And that’s about all this little box offers. Unfortunately, there are no demos online where we can hear it in action and solidify the notion that this classy-looking EQ is worth the USD 879 asking price.

More information, such as the complete spec sheet, is available on the EQF-810’s product page.