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Sonicsmith ConVertor E1 and MIDVertor E1

Sonicsmith ConVertor E1 and MIDVertor E1  ·  Source: Sonicsmith


Plug your guitar in the ConVertor E1 module and pull out Pitch, Envelope and a Synth sound to mess with your Eurorack modular.


ConVertor E1

Sonicsmith has been messing around with instrument-to-synth conversion for some time with their audio controlled synthesizer boxes. With the ConVertor E1 they’ve reworked all the technology and poured it directly into the Eurorack space.

First off the ConVertor E1 will pitch-track the audio input and output a synth sound from an internal digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) with a choice of 4 waveforms. At the same time, it will extract the pitch, gate and envelope and output them as voltages for controlling other modules in your rack. There’s also an input for 1v/oct tracking of the DCO and a bit of FM.

You plug your guitar, instrument or microphone into the bottom of the module and adjust the preamp accordingly. You have a preamp output to route your audio back out and into other things.

Sonicsmith ConVertor E1

Sonicsmith ConVertor E1

That’s just the basics. Sonicsmith says that it has a professional preamp, internal VCA, attenuvertor, analog compressor, CV compressor/expander, quantizer, VCO mode, auto-gain, and multiple expansion options both in software and hardware.

MIDVertor E1

One of those expansions is the MIDVertor E1 which adds MIDI In and Out (MIDI 2.0 “ready” apparently) and a sustain pedal input to the party. It connects to the ConVertor E1 via a bus cable and supports up to 7 ConVertor E1 modules running simultaneously. MIDVertor E1 lets you route the information stripped from your guitar or voice in the ConVertor E1 to MIDI synths and other places while doing lots of other clever things too.


E1 Duo Pack

So the obvious thing is to get them together and they are available as a bundle. Other E1 series modules will be along in time.

Sounds like they’ve really nailed it with these modules to give you an expressive connection to your modular via an instrument or your voice while adding another voice of its own. In fact, they are offering an optional full synthesizer voice firmware which adds LFOs, filters and another DCO to the mix. Check out the details in the video below as there’s a lot more going on than first appears. My only disappointment is the lack of colour on the MIDVertor faceplate – Sonicsmith usually have great colours going on!

Sonicsmith says that both modules will have a limited run and be available in late March 2021. Preorders are open now for £296.81 for the ConVertor, £220.70 for the MIDVertor or £487.07 for the bundle.

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Sonicsmith ConVertor E1 and MIDVertor E1

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