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Softube Buchla 259e

Softube Buchla 259e  ·  Source: Softube


It’s the first time that Buchla have ever licensed an official software version of their coveted West coast modular hardware. The Buchla 259e is a unique dual oscillator that’ll add some complex sound generation to your Modular virtual synthesizer.


Buchla 259e

The Twisted Waveform Generator contains two oscillators called the Principle and the Modulator. The Principle provides the main sound generation whereas the Modulator modulates the principle. Although the Modulator can also be employed as an audible oscillator. The sine waves from the Principle are then shaped by two of eight available waveshape tables. A morph voltage pans between the two tables and a warp voltage varies the amplitude of the waveform. Both these functions can be messed with by the Modulator.

In the innovative Mem Skew mode we find some of the waveshape tables to be full of unpredictable noise and odd silences. When these are selected the FM controls become re-assigned to table scanning functions and the FM inputs become table modulators.


If you’ve ever wondered why Buchla seems to exclusive it’s because you need some kind of degree in modular engineering to understand what all that means. Ultimately the Buchla 259e can create regular synthy noises or strange, twisted sonic landscapes – the video gives a much better explanation. And the greatest thing is that now we can play with one (albeit in software) within a Eurorack environment and at a more than reasonable price.

Buchla 259e is an add-on for Softube’s Modular virtual Eurorack synthesizer. It will cost you $79 until the end of October after which it reverts to the $99 retail price. Modular itself costs $99.

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  • Softube Buchla 259e page.


Softube Buchla 259e

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