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ADVERTISEMENT has released Sistema, the world’s first AI-powered software synthesizer. It will generate fascinating textures and soundscapes for you, provided you have the cash.



Sistem is a handsome-looking synthesizer that somehow finds a space between ice white and warm pink. It has an artificially intelligent brain that will dwell really hard on the parameters you set and then come up with a new sound for you. You get to choose the category and the character of the sound from a fairly short list, and then once the new sound is ready, you’ll get four macro knobs with which to wrestle the uniqueness back into human hands.

It’s an interesting idea that appears to be an easy way to come up with new and maybe unexpected sounds. The interface is very clean and engaging, so you would find yourself lost in amongst a forest of controls. All you really have to do is hit that big button in the middle.


However, clicking that button costs money. In the free version, you get 50 goes at it a month, which when browsing for an artificially generated sound doesn’t feel like much at all. To get more rolls of the dice you have to pay $10 a month, and for unlimited, it will be $30 a month.

What’s happening?

Something does seem to be happening when you click the big button, but it’s difficult to appreciate if it’s doing anything more than a random button does on many other synths. How is the AI in play here? And how does it make this synth interesting? I wonder if the preset naming is also generated by AI as it’s just offered me up one called Towheaded Bullshit.

The sound of Sistema is not particularly outstanding, but it’s decent enough. The AI engine is certainly an intriguing way of generating new sounds and variations with the minimum of effort. The subscription model is a lot less interesting. It’s as if we’re at the stage where we’re having to pay the AI to do the work, but then I for one welcome our AI overlords. You can use it for free provided you keep within the 50 tries a month, and for that, it’s worth a go. Sistema

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7 responses to “Sistema: The AI driven software synth that charges for patches”

    Moulin says:

    Let’s get this straight: you pay a robot for creating your music. That’s not my thing. I like to pay people for doing the awful part of my work, the fun stuff I prefer to do myself, such as, you know… creating music…

      Matthew says:

      Wrong, You’re paying an AI to create a few sounds for you. You still create the music. I use AI at work to help me do my job, it doesn’t replace me, just another paint brush to use to create the art. Don’t be so closed minded.

    Benjamin says:

    Story correction: the free version is 50 tries per month, not per day. 😉

    SA says:

    Great for people with a gambling addiction… Personally, I like to be a bit more intentional than the, ‘Eff around and find out’ approach! Haha

    Ordlotoire says:

    This is already a major part of the norm to some degree and most people stating they’ll never use it already are.

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