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U-He Repro-1

U-He Repro-1  ·  Source: screenshot

U-He Repro-1 with effects

U-He Repro-1 with effects  ·  Source: screenshot

U-He Repro-1 Tweak page

U-He Repro-1 Tweak page  ·  Source: screenshot

U-He Repro-1 Sequencer

U-He Repro-1 Sequencer  ·  Source: screenshot


U-He have announced their forthcoming software emulation of the classic Sequential Circuits Pro-1. Repro-1 aims to recreate all the personality of the original along with an unique sonic footprint. It’s available now as a public beta to try ahead of the official release.



The Pro-1 was Sequential’s answer to the Roland SH-101 and Moog Prodigy. They took the guts of the Prophet 5 and squeezed it into a chassis half the size to create one fat monosynth. The synthesis as based upon two VCO’s, a 4-pole filter, two envelopes and a lot of modulation. Like the SH-101, it also had a basic sequencer.

U-He have gone a fair way in replicating the look of the original, although I’m not digging the brown very much. However, what I am liking is the sound – it’s fierce in the most delightful way. Darn it, now I’ve just lost an hour playing with the thing. One addition is the ribbon-style keyboard at the bottom which lets you mouse some sounds but it also forms part of the sequencer, for recording and for displaying playback. There’s a whole sequencer editing page giving you finer control over the two patterns.

One very interesting button is the one labelled Tweaks. This literally pulls the lid off the synth and reveals the circuitry beneath. This gives access to a couple of internal parameters with the use of pin headers. Why they decided to recreate an entire PCB simply to give access to a couple of controls is beyond me but it sure is pretty.


The preset bank is a little sparse at the moment but they say many more will be coming along with the official release. Rounding it off is a row of stomp box style effects that add a whole world of beef and delay to the sound.

It’s a great little synth. The GUI is nicely scalable and I hope they do something about the colour.

Repro-1 will be $99 on release or $69 if you pre-order. For more information head over the U-He website and download the beta.

U-He Repro-1

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