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ScrubBoard - analogue tape

ScrubBoard - analogue tape never sounded so scratchy...  ·  Source:

The brainchild of Jeremy Bell, ScratchBoard is an analogue tape-based scratching performance tool with roots in a failed Kickstarter campaign from 2014. Now it’s back and this time it might actually happen… 


Jeremy Bell ‘invented’ the ScrubBoard back in 2014 by attaching a regular tape head to an extra length of cable and then sliding along a stretch of tape. He simulates the movement of a tape being spooled across a tape head, but using ScrubBoard he can play it backwards, forwards and scrub along to any point in the tape length.

The premise is actually quite simple, just the accuracy needed to get it to actually work is where the hard work was needed. The initial version of ScrubBoard was missing something, and that something was the addition of a ‘kill switch’. This enabled the scrubbing or scratching effect to be more percussive and similar in tone to how a DJ would scratch with a turntable and vinyl.

Out of the ashes

After much development and feedback from various people interested in the idea, it looks like ScrubBoard may now make it out into the world. Back in 2014, the original Kickstarter campaign failed, as the device was held together with modelling clay and elastic bands. Now it would seem that Jeremy has taken on the constructive feedback and is looking at a way to mass produce his idea.

Jeremy can be seen in the two videos below armed with his electric guitar and his ScrubBoard/Kill Switch invention. I would urge you to watch both videos to get an idea of what this man had been working on for the last few years, as I found it all looks like lots of fun to play with.

We shall keep you updated on ScrubBoard’s progress as we at have a soft spot for mad inventors like Jeremy. Good luck fella, and we wish you all the best with your mad endeavour!

Jeremy Bell’s ScrubBoard site

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