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Error Instruments Broken Tape

Error Instruments Broken Tape  ·  Source: Error Instruments

Error Instruments continues to boggle our minds and fill the world with exciting boxes of noise. Their latest box is called Broken Tape and is a “broken tape simulation because sometimes we miss the sound of the unexpected errors.”

Broken Tape

This is not a little bit of warp, saturation or flutter this is something bad happening in exciting and intriguing ways. Sure it has a warmth and some lo-fi crunchiness, there’s oodles of bit crushing and distortion. But there’s a weird mix of looping and delaying inside that glitches the heck out of whatever is going through it in a way that sounds like your Walkman has just mangled your favourite cassette.

There’s not a whole lot to play with. It has one rather odd (and nice) looking knob that controls the speed of the tape loop feedback and a smaller knob that messes about with time. You’ve then got a bit-crush and distortion button and a red button that breaks up the input, introducing the choppy glitchiness of…. broken tape!

It sounds deliciously awful. Check this out.

Or for a bit more of a walkthrough try this:

Broken Tape can be yours for €120.

More information

  • Error Instruments Broken Tape website.

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