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Rivet Pickups Kickstarter campaign mini coils passive pickups humbucker passive

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Rivet Pickups have started a Kickstarter campaign to get what might be a genuinely unique new passive pickup design into full production. The company is no stranger to guitars and designing one-offs for the stars, and this new venture is one that yields some very interesting ideas.


The basic concept is that you divide a humbucker style pickup into two halves, accentuate either the bass or treble frequencies by using less pole pieces on one side of the pickup and then blend in the desired amount of that smaller coil to the main sound to get your desired tone. The Kickstarter page has some good examples of how this is achieved, and it looks like a viable option. The pickups are regular humbucker size, passive and require no onboard effects to achieve the tones you want. It’s a pretty simple idea, but with some clever design aspects that allow it to work in a standard guitar.

The design concepts seem solid, in theory, and the pickups do not look out of place on a traditional electric guitar either. Hopefully, they will make their stated goal on Kickstarter and get into full production at some point in the near future. I would love to see them do well, as it’s a nice approach and I like the concept myself. Of course a lot of players are very traditional and chase certain ‘classic’ tones. The biggest hurdle will more than likely be traditionalists and those that just want another PAF clone.


As it’s a Kickstarter campaign, they are offering some preferential pricing and availability to the people that back them early in the hope that this will get people on board early and get this project off the ground.

Rivet Pickups Kickstarter campaign: Product Details



Rivet Pickups Kickstarter campaign mini coils passive pickups humbucker passive

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    Frank Lehmann says:

    Cool project, thanks for the heads-up!!!

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