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Pete Anderson PA-1 by Reverend Guitars

Good looking Fifties styling and with modern tweaks.  ·  Source:

Reverend Guitars have announced a new, updated version of their PA-1 guitar for 2016. The Pete Anderson PA-1 HB is a twin humbucker guitar with styling firmly in Fifties-era America. Colour options and hardware have been selected to make a classic looking instrument that incorporates a few modern tweaks.


Reverend Guitars claim to have made this guitar more fun to play by adding some subtle design tweaks to bring it up to date for a modern day players. It’s 2016, yet at first glance this guitar looks like it could have been around in the 1950s.

I like the fact that Reverend have addressed the problems associated with hollow-bodied guitars head on. Their internal bracing called a Uni-brace has been designed to combat feedback from playing at high volume and will supposedly also add to the sustain of the instrument. I for one would really like to try one of these out, as I do enjoy a nice hollow-bodied electric guitar.

I am also impressed that they have given it better upper fret access by using a 15th fret neck join and that they have added locking tuners along with a graphite nut. Little tweaks like this make a guitar a lot more playable for modern guitarists and it’s something that would be on my list of things to use if I got the chance to design guitars myself. The Bigsby trem should hold its tuning a lot better with these upgrades.

Visually, it looks great. I often see vintage-style guitars and am then put off when I play them as they insist on using ‘vintage correct’ hardware, making the guitar a pain to use in a gigging situation, or causing tuning issues. So it’s nice to see Reverend address these issues head on and still maintain a good looking instrument.

The PA-1 is priced at USD 1799 and ships with a hard case.

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