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AudioModern Random Groove Generator Pro

AudioModern Random Groove Generator Pro  ·  Source:

AudioModern have released a beat making machine for Ableton Live and Max For Live. The Random Groove Generator Pro is a 4 channel pattern sequencer that can randomise pretty much everything.

Random Groove Generator Pro

At a basic level you have 4 tracks of sequencing with 16 steps. You can load up a sound, drop in the steps and create patterns the old fashioned way. But, as the alarmingly busy interface suggests, it can get a lot more complicated than that. The sound source is sample based – this is not for routing out to a synth or the Drum Rack. You can browse for any wave or mp3 sample from the Load Sample window or simply drag-and-drop samples onto the tracks. It comes with 180 one shot samples in case you don’t carry any of your own.

Each track has a number of parameters definable for each step: pitch, volume, filter, resonance and sample point. You’ve then got envelope and panning which are set a bit more globally.

The fun begins when you roll the dice.


All the step parameters can be randomised. So not just the placement of steps but the pitch, filter – you get the idea. For the parameters you can set minimum and maximum values to keep things under a bit more control. You can mess with tracks individually or enable the global button to send everything crazy all at once.

It does sound like there’s a lot of opportunity to create movement and variation in your beat making. I particularly like the sample point randomisation where the play-head dances around to different places in the sample. There’s a lot of scope for some cool accidental beats. I just wish the interface was a little bit calmer – it’s kind of visually noisy, but most Max For Live stuff is. If this is the “Pro” version I wonder if there’s a simpler no-quite-so-pro version anywhere.

Random Groove Generator Pro does exactly what it says on the tin and is available now for €39. You need to be running Ableton Live 9.2 and Max For Live 7.1. More information on the AudioModern website.




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