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Merging Pyramix 11

Merging Pyramix 11  ·  Source: Merging

Merging Pyramix 11

Merging Pyramix 11  ·  Source: Merging

Merging Pyramix 11 ANEMAN

Merging Pyramix 11 ANEMAN  ·  Source: Merging

Merging Pyramix is a digital audio workstation used most often in post production TV, film and audio mastering. It’s all about sonic precision, advanced tools and flexibility. Version 11 evolves their established Audio-over-IP technology with a new network management tool and also develops their 3D immersive audio toolkit.

ANEMAN: Audio Network Manager

ANEMAN brings together all the management of network connected interfaces. The one piece of software gives you the status of all your devices and whether they are connected or not. You can save and recall routing and network patches. The integrated Sample Rate Zone allows you to have multiple sets of devices on the network following their own master’s sample rate. Merging tends to be all about their own hardware but ANEMAN also opens it up to devices from other parties. Currently, Digigram and ArchWave are on board and the open platform should see many more future adopters. It’s free and cross platform and works with the AES67 standard which is a set of rules to govern the connection between audio networks.

The Pyramix Windows/ASIO driver has been updated to support AES67. Linux drivers are on the way. ANEMAN doesn’t, however, currently support Dante as Audinate are yet to release a plug-in for it.

Immersive Audio

Multichannel timeline processing with VST3 or VS3 plug-ins is now possible from mono through to multichannel processes. It can be applied to a clip in the timeline without affecting the edits or fades.

The Bcom plugin range is now fully integrated including the HOA Panner and Binauralizer. Mergings own 3D panner can now be controlled by 3D Connexion hardware.

Other updates in Pyramix 11

Windows 10 with the Creators update is now fully supported and Windows 7 64bit support is continuing to be maintained. Merging are also making their MassCore real-time audio processing engine available to Windows 10/Creator users with a new RTX release. Support for the latest generation of MacBook Pro devices running Bootcamp and Windows 10 Pyramix 11 native is approved and running very nicely, so they say.

More information on the Merging website.


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