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PRS MT 100

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The PRS MT 100 Mark Tremonti Signature amplifier is now here. The MT 100 follows in the footsteps of the successful PRS MT 15 lunchbox Though this model is 100 watts and has three independent channels.


PRS MT 100

According to PRS, the development of the MT100 took a whole five years. In fact, it was already clear in 2020 that there would be a 100-watt version of the MT 15 with additional functions.

“After the success of the MT 15, I wanted to build an amplifier that I can take with me on tour without missing one of my amplifiers at home. After years of development and testing, the MT 100 has become my only touring amp. It is really three amplifiers in one, without compromise – each channel alone is worth the entire price of this amplifier,” – Mark Tremonti.

PRS MT 100

3 Channels

Each channel consists of its own circuit with special preamplifier tubes to ensure that the timbre of each channel is exactly as it should be.

The Clean channel (like the MT 15) remains clear and natural – with split or single coils you can hear it sing. The Lead channel (also like the MT 15) delivers rich, heavy sounds with a massive bass response that is never muddy.

Finally, the additional Overdrive channel (modeled after one of Tremonti’s personal favorite amplifiers, a Dumble. This adds a very flexible gain structure and a musical center approach to this already versatile amp platform.


“It all started with the lead channel. He is huge, beefy, and aggressive without getting harsh. Many high-gain amps focus on distortion and the rest is just a side aspect. In my opinion, the MT 100 – as well as the MT 15 – has the best sounding clean sounds in the area of high-gain amps.”

PRS MT 100



The Overdrive channel. Tremonti says: “We were obsessed with this channel and used one of my personal favorite amplifiers for the voicing. We wanted the gain structure to be between the lead and the clean channels and for it to have its own fine midrange response. I can’t wait for people to experience this amplifier,” says Mark Tremonti.

Footswitch, FX loop, tubes

Other design features include a three-button foot switch for channel switching, which is equipped with LEDs that match the amplifier. Thanks to the effect loop, which is an essential part of any modern amplifier, your pedals can be easily integrated into the chain. In addition, all three channels have the same preamplifier tube type (12AX7), which facilitates maintenance.

PRS Amp designer Doug Sewell says that the MT 100 is at the same time the most elaborate and simple design he has ever been involved in. The result is a sophisticated and effective beast of an amplifier with an intuitive, very user-friendly layout.

“It is a great tool for Mark Tremonti, but can also cover a wide range of sounds and playing styles. I’m curious to see what this amp brings to the world.


The PRS MT 100 Mark Tremonti Signature Amp costs 1849 US dollars and should be available soon. The smaller lunchbox MT 15 is probably a lot more practical for most guitarists though.

PRS MT 15 Amp
PRS MT 15 Amp
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PRS MT 100

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