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PRS HDRX 20  ·  Source: PRS


The PRS HDRX 20 takes the previous HX amps‘ Hendrix at Woodstock tone and distils it down to a sweet 20 watts of power. Offering those high-volume amp tones made famous by Jimi but in a much more manageable format. perfect for studio, home and live use.



The new PRS HDRX20 should be far more suitable for most guitarists at only 20 watts. In the power amplifier, two 5881 tubes provide the output, while in the preamp three 12AX7 get you your basic amp tone.


Hendrix tone?

Two Channels

The amp head has two channels with master, presence, 3-band EQ and a mid-gain toggle switch shared between both.

Channel 1 gets a separate controller for bass, and Channel 2 has controls for treble and bright. This time though, there are not the 4 inputs, two of which are always blocked with a short jumper cable anyway. There is no way to operate the amp with a foot switch.

PRS HDRX 20 rear panel

Rear panel connectivity

You can connect up to two speaker cabinets: 1x 4 ohms, 2x 8 ohms, 1x 8 ohms, 2x 16 ohms and 1x 16 ohms. In addition, the amp Bias controls are accessible from the outside, which makes fine adjustment a little easier when it comes to re-tubing the amp head.

MSRP – EUR 959 *

PRS HDRX 20 Head

PRS HDRX 20 Head

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PRS HDRX Cabinet 1x12

PRS HDRX Cabinet 1×12

PRS HDRX Cabinet 1×12

If you are looking for a suitable speaker cabinet, then take a look at the PRS HDRX 1×12 cabinet. It contains a Celestion V-Type 12′′ speaker, which can be loaded with 70 watts and is rated at 16 ohms.

 MSRP  EUR 379*

PRS HDRX Cabinet 1x12

PRS HDRX Cabinet 1x12

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The Jimi Hendrix amp tone at Woodstock is pretty famous, though possibly not his best amp tone. However, it is a great reference point in guitar history and so that is why PRS is marketing their HDRX amps using it. I do love a 20-watt Plexi-style amp and this new PRS could be great. Though, there is already a lot of competition in this amp wattage range, including brands like Friedman, Marshall etc


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4 responses to “PRS HDRX 20: Distilled Hendrix tone?”

    Mitch says:

    PRS are killing it lately, and with subtle Hendrix reference in ‘Mary Cries’ compressor, I wonder if a new Strat-style guitar is in the future to complete the ensemble.

    Jon Vecellio says:

    I was wondering ‘HOW is PRS selling this for US$799?’

    It’s made in Indonesia. That’s how. I have no doubt it’s a great amp. Paul won’t put his name on junk. Just if you’re thinking this is a ‘Made in Maryland’ PRS product, it’s not.

    Todd H says:

    I just bought this amp and matching cab. It is one of the best tube amps I’ve ever owned. It comes to life with Master on 3 or above.

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