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Propellerhead Rent-to-Buy

Propellerhead Rent-to-Buy  ·  Source: Propellerhead


Just when we’d got over getting annoyed at subscription models Propellerhead come along with something that actually feels like a good idea. You can now pay a monthly fee to rent a Rack Extension until you’ve paid for it in full and it’s yours to keep.


Rent-to-Own Rack Extensions

It’s not a unique idea, Waves do something similar with their plug-in bundles and Splice does a rent-to-buy scheme with everyone else’s plug-ins. But that doesn’t make it any less awesome. Choose from a variety of top-selling Rack Extensions and pay $9.99 a month. Once you’ve made up the price of your choices then the license is yours to keep forever. So no more of this subscription model where you don’t own anything and at any time your whole virtual studio could be turned off by a missed payment or products being discontinued. But you are also not tied into anything. If you just want a month of usage then just pay for a month. There’s a Rent-to-Own meter in your Propellerhead account that will keep track of what extensions you’ve rented and how much you’ve paid. You can cancel at any time or pause payments for as long as you want. Sounds perfect!


Currently, there are a whopping 5 titles in the Rent-to-Own scheme, but more should follow. These include UmpfClub Drums, Layers, Parsec, A-List Acoustic Guitarist and PX7 FM Synthesizer. These usually cost from £89 so in 9 months time you could own one outright.

Propellerhead Rent-to-Buy Rack Extensions

Propellerhead Rent-to-Buy Rack Extensions · Source: Propellerhead

As subscription style models go I quite like it and if nothing else it gives you a chance to try out some new Rack Extensions without having to come up with more than $9.99. Looking forward to the available library expanding as it’s a little bit sparse at the moment.

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Propellerhead Rent-to-Buy

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