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Analogue Solutions Polygene Eurorack module

Analogue Solutions Polygene Eurorack module  ·  Source:


Polygene is a polyphonic MIDI to CV converter with built in arpeggiator and 16 note sequencer. It can control up to 4 analogue synths and also kicks out MIDI.



This is a deep and wide module at 36hp and 120mm in depth but it holds a big bag of tricks. Firstly it can convert an incoming MIDI signal to 4 CV outputs. This means you could turn 4 monophonic VCO’s into a 4 voice polysynth, or simply play them all in unison.  When in Poly mode a chord of up to 4 notes can be played and the Polygene sends each note to a different CV output. The channel assignment is cyclic so if you play one note it will cycle through the outputs. So what it’s not doing is giving you separate outputs for different MIDI channels, rather it’s giving you polyphony. It will also route MIDI velocity and modulation wheel data to two separate CV outputs.

The arpeggiator is pleasingly simple and has hold, mode, range and note retriggering options. It’s also able to play the velocity information it received over MIDI. The CV output is mirrored to MIDI so you can also arpeggiate a connected MIDI synth. You can use the arpeggiator as a simple 16 note step sequencer.

It’s not a beautiful module, it has this sort of hospital cream colour going on. It has a label on it saying “Medic Modules” – not sure if that explains the colour, but otherwise it’s quite plain. But it is a very useful box particularly for it’s ability to create polyphony in your Eurorack – very interesting indeed.


The Polygene is available now for £299 ex VAT and you can find out more on the Analogue Solutions website.

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Analogue Solutions Polygene Eurorack module

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