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Kenton Pro MIDI to CV

Kenton Pro MIDI to CV  ·  Source: Kenton

Kenton don’t make the most exciting looking products in the world. But they do produce some of the most professional solutions to unglamorous problems. Their Pro CV to MIDI high specification single synth CV to MIDI converter continues this tradition of boxes that get the job done.

Pro CV to MIDI

Feed it any CV signal and it will excrete corresponding MIDI data, job done. It supports the standard volt/octave system, the 1.2V/octave used by EML and Buchlas, and the Hz/Volt system used by Korg and Yamaha. It tracks pitch with the accuracy of the high-spec 16bit ADC and also deals with pitchbend, modulation and non-quantised continuous tracking. There are also two auxiliary CV inputs that are user assignable.

On the bomb proof box you’ll find controls for MIDI channel, CV scaling system and gate types. There are features such as auto tune, fine tuning, transpose, pitchbend range and clock-to-MIDI conversion. On the back are the inputs on 3.5mm jacks and the single MIDI output. A nice big LED display tells you what’s going on.

It’s not pretty and it’s also not in Eurorack which is a shame, although a desktop version ensures that everyone can use it. Maybe a Eurorack version would be nice?

The Kenton Pro CV to MIDI is available now for £136.92. More information on the Kenton website.



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