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Plugin Boutique Virtual Analog Studio Bundle

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Always ready to deliver on the deals front, our friends at Plugin Boutique have packed three analog emulations into its Virtual Analogue Studio Bundle for a sweet discount. Rack them up on a channel strip, and the three processors – Front DAW (United Plugins), Goliath (Tone Empire), and Tape (Softube) – will complete a simulated analog studio workflow. All that at over 50% off the price if you purchase them separately.

Plugin Boutique Virtual Analogue Studio Bundle

At the start of the chain is Front DAW, developed by United Plugins and British producer Greg Brimson. It emulates the input and preamp stages of three analog consoles from Britain, USA, and Germany. Choose a model, bring up the input, add the High Pass filter and dial in the Mojo knob to get the right amount of virtual transistor-driven goodness. United Plugins’s Variable Analogue Random Modeling tech (VARM) ensures each plug-in instance sounds slightly different from the rest, adding a richer and more realistic analog sound. Indeed, with this type of plug-in it is important to leave it running on all tracks so that its character really shines through. On its own, the effect tends to be too subtle to judge properly.

Next is the Goliath by Tone Empire, a plug-in dedicated to modelling the natural saturation, compression, and frequency impact of analog gear. There are three choices of tone (Silver, Gold, Titanium), an I/O drive section, an Envelope modeler to nail the transients, and an EQ section to frequency-correct the outcome. It’s a really cool plug-in dripping with outboard vibe.

The final piece of the chain is dumping the audio onto analog tape. Here, Softube’s aptly-named Tape plug-in brings in the sound of three different tape machines, complete with tape speed control and the ability to tweak each machine’s stability and amount of component crosstalk. It’s a beautiful-looking and detailed homage to the sound of tape reels, done to Softube’s proven quality standards.

The three plug-ins add up to EUR 213 if bought separately, or just EUR 99 when bundled. I think it’s a great offer if you haven’t alredy got your analog saturation plug-ins or outboard gear sorted yet.

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