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Slate Virtual Recording Studio Summer Sale

 ·  Source: Slate Digital

 ·  Source: Slate Digital

Slate Digital is throwing producers a bone this Summer with a sale on its Virtual Recording Studio bundle. For USD 1599, down from USD 1999, you can treat yourself to the following nicely put together gear:

  • The ML-1 modeling condenser microphone
  • 8 tube microphone emulations – the VMC Classic Tubes suit
  • The Slate Virtual Preamp Collection
  • The VRS8 Thunderbolt audio interface
  • 1-year All Access Pass license – all Slate plug-ins at once

That’s pretty much a complete studio, on the recording side that is. You still need some decent headphones, a nice pair of monitors, a computer and DAW. Regardless, Slate’s offering is pretty bang on the buck! The deal is good until September 3, 2020.

Slate Virtual Recording Studio Summer Sale

Naturally, Thomann has price-matched the offer. So if you’d like to shop from T (and throw ol’ Gearnews a little bone while you are at it), proceed with the affiliate link below.

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