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Pitch Pilot

Pitch Pilot - Goodbye B-Bender?  ·  Source: Pitch Pilot /YouTube

The Pitch Pilot is a cool little gadget that you attach to your guitar to manipulate string pitch on individual strings. It’s similar to a B-Bender, just without all the hassle of routing your favourite guitar!

Pitch Pilot

The Pitch Pilot has a range up and down up to 10 semitones, which is pretty impressive. There are two versions, one for Fender- and one for Gibson-style bridges, so it should fit most guitars out there. Tim Clarke is the designer and inventor of the Pitch Pilot and spent six years developing this product. It’s now on Kickstarter and will hopefully be getting funded soon.

The prototype was cobbled together from scraps of metal and a set of fingernail clippers. He has now refined the design over the years and is hoping to bring it into production soon. The product looks like a great invention and has the potential to open up new possibilities for guitarists. We wish him well, as the pricing looks reasonable and so it could be perfect for the kinds of bends you often hear in country music.

I like that you don’t need to route out your favourite guitar to use the product. For me, this is the winning aspect. Plus, I reckon it looks easy enough to use and could be really handy if you needed to add more control to your pitch bends on your hard-tailed guitar.

The Bends

I think Tim has put a lot of effort into this product and so I can see it being popular if he gets it off the ground. If you would like to pledge some money and get a Pitch Pilot for your guitar then head on over to his Kickstarter page below. I have also added the link to his main website so that you can check out all the details in full.

RRP – CAD 75 or approx USD 60, EU 50 and GBP 40

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