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pedal FX compressor Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Micro

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Pigtronix have just announced a new miniature version of their popular compressor pedal. The new Philospher’s Tone Micro has packed the useful features of the original into a much smaller unit.



Volume, Sustain, Treble and Blend are the four controls on the front. The Blend knob allows you to achieve parallel compression, which is really the key to this pedal’s tone. Parallel compression is often used by sound engineers when they need some added punch but want to retain the dynamics of the original signal. It gets you get the ‘squashed’ but lets you blend it in with the un-effected original guitar tone. A very handy little feature!


The pedal has a very low noise floor and this allows you to add sustain without making everything all hissy, which on some compressor pedals can be an issue. The pedal runs internally at 18V, but uses a regular 9V power supply. The higher internal voltage should, in theory, allow for greater headroom and help achieve a cleaner signal path.


The Treble EQ can either boost or cut around the 2kHz region. When used in conjunction with the Blend control, this allows you to get your guitar signal to stand out nicely. The demo below by Mr Paul Gilbert gives a good indication of what to expect from this compressor when used clean. He also does a distorted demo, so you can get a feel of how it adds sustain.

A decent compressor can be a useful pedal to own. They process your sound in a way that’s subtler that an overdrive or fuzz box. However, they can help even out your sound and add sustain to your notes. I like the demo sounds below, but then Mr Gilbert can make anything sound great and is a very good player to start off with!

Philosopher’s Tone details here: Pigtronix site

RRP USD $119 available from August this year



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pedal FX compressor Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Micro

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