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Supro 1600 Supreme Rolling Stones 1x10

Supro 1600 Supreme get some Keef like tones out of 3 knobs. Between the buttons you should be fine...  ·  Source:

Supro have just announced a reissue of the 1600 Supreme 1×10 amp at the 2016 Summer NAMM Show. The amp is famous for its association with a Mr Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. The original 1959 models were used by Keith on many of the Stones’ biggest hits and so it’s a tone many will be familiar with.


Cosmetically the 1600 Supreme looks just like the original models from 1959. It features two channels that share a tone control between them. Three JJ 12AX7’s in the preamp and two JJ 6V6 valves in the power section gives you a total of 25 Watts of power. That should be more than enough for small gigs. It’s a Class A cathode biased circuit, so it will run hot.

The custom-voiced speaker is a Supro BD10, but you also have a speaker output on the back for use with a matching extension cab. If you need more spread to your sound it can be achieved using one of these. The amp has three controls, made up of two volume knobs and a shared tone control. This means – hopefully – that it will be easy to dial in some nice tones.

Brown Sugar

The twin inputs can either be shared by two guitars or you can drive both at once using an ABY switch which means you can blend the two channels and achieve a raunchier, Keith-like tone. Tonally, you’d hope that this will sound very similar but not many of us have an original 1600 Supreme laying around to compare it to.

The video below gives a reasonable indication of what to expect and to my ear, it’s in the ball park of KR’s sound. Evidently, though, video demos are not the same as playing an amp for real. I hope to hear some good reviews over the coming months as it looks like a fun amp to play.

Start Me Up

It isn’t cheap, but it isn’t exorbitant either. Of course, the Rolling Stones association will appeal to some players and possibly put the players off. Either way, it is a good looking amp and from the demos online it seems to have ‘those’ sounds.

RRP USD $1,249 USD

For more details on the Supro 1600 Supreme, see the Supro USA site.

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