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If you want to do some seriously mean time-stretching with your audio – we are talking stretching a 3-minute song into a 10-hour ambient masterpiece, for example – you are going to love this news. PaulXStretch, a time stretcher known from the free Audacity audio editor, is now available as a plug-in for Windows and Mac computers.

According to the author himself, PaulXStretch is only suitable for radical sound transformation, thus any kind of precise time correction work is not its forte. However, this plug-in kills at turning anything you throw at it into an ambient soundscape. We mean anything – the one writing this spent more than a few happy moments Paul-stretching second-long mouth noises into utter oblivion. So give this plug-in a good try, it practically generates ambient records by itself!

Bear in mind that PaulStretch generates lots of unreported latency in its current implementation. It may be best to keep it out of your projects, bouncing the tracks you make with it in order to keep things in line. And while you are at it, do absolutely get lost in the plug-in’s various parameters! Even if they don’t make a lot of sense initially, you will end up with some ambient gold out of sheer experimentation.

As with many, though not that many fine things in life, PaulStretch is a free plug-in. Head for the links below and grab a copy for your system.

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