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PUSH TURN MOVE was a beautiful book created last year by Kim Bjørn. It explored interface design in electronic music and has become a bit of a bible for synthesizer nerds. PATCH & TWEAK follows up in a similar style but this time explores modular synthesis and enlists the help of Learning Modular’s Chris Meyer.


Packed full of history, facts, gear and inspirational interviews with significant creators and fiddlers in the modular space. Featuring a foreword by synthesis luminary Suzanne Ciani and interviews with Hans Zimmer, Richard Devine, Robert Rich and Andrew Huang. Like the first book this engages with people’s passion for the technology. It explores their systems, philosophies, patching secrets and performance tips.

PATCH & TWEAK is full of fabulous images, diagrams and explanations of how various modules work from companies such as Verbos Electronics, Fraptools, Mutable Instruments, WMD, Make Noise Music, Intellijel, and Endorphin.

As with the first book PATCH & TWEAK is going to look gorgeous on your coffee table and even your non-synth obsessed friends will feel the need to thumb through it. And that’s part of the idea – not just to take snapshot of the industry but to also introduce the modular curious to the crazy and immersive world of patching and tweaking.

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The book will be available for pre-order from 1 May 2018 via Kickstarter. Prices and bundles to be announced. If you always want to stay up to date you can sign up for a newsletter on the author’s website by entering your email address.

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