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iLok USB-C

iLok USB-C  ·  Source: PACE Anti-Piracy


PACE Anti-Piracy has announced a USB-C version of the 3rd-generation iLok license key. This means that you now have two options for connecting your iLok dongle: the traditional USB-A version and the new USB-C key.



As computer manufacturers like Apple are moving away from USB-A ports, especially on portable machines, connecting an iLok license key often meant having to reach for an adapter. While many users aren’t particularly fond of hardware license keys and even Steinberg has said that they’ll get rid of the eLicenser, those that do still use USB iLoks had to find a way to connect them to their newer machines.

The new iLok USB-C provides an alternative for users whose computers don’t have USB-A ports anymore. It’s also an interesting option for screens and docking stations with integrated USB-C hubs.


With the exception of the connector, the new iLok USB-C is technically identical to the 3rd-generation USB-A version. According to PACE, both license keys are fully backward compatible with previous versions. All software that was developed for a 2nd-generation iLok will continue to work with the new versions.

PACE says that both devices deliver twice the transfer speed of the 2nd-generation iLok. Like the USB-A variant, the new USB-C version holds up to 1500 authorizations – enough for even the most avid collectors of plug-ins and sample libraries. It’s housed in a durable aluminum shell that won’t split or crack, according to PACE.

Whether or not you like the iLok copy protection system, having more options is always nice. If you need to use a hardware key, at least you won’t find yourself running into connection issues anymore.


The new iLok USB-C is now available for USD 59.95 from the PACE website.

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5 responses to “PACE iLok USB-C: Everyone’s favorite dongle is keeping up with the times”

    Alexander Smith says:

    Everyones favourite chastity belt

    Joke that this still exists!

    Richard says:

    Hands up all those with an extra, unwanted, spare USB-C port on your laptop that’s of no value to you, that you really never need to use for peripherals or external SSD or external video monitors or anything worthwhile, and are happy to keep tied up indefinitely with a stupid sticky out dongle all day and night which will either fall out or get lost or stolen at a gig.

      iixorb says:

      … or get knocked and then wreck your USB C port, which is a stupid weak little thing anyway.

      I’m with you on this !

    Alexandros Roussos says:

    They got to be kidding : >$80 to ship in Europe a simple USB dongle!

    Add taxes and you have a 800 kilobytes USB key for >$180

    Sorry guys but I’ll stick with USB-A and wait until developers abandon iLok.

    Been leaving iLok for several years, just Altiverb left to go! They have f**ked my system twice over the past few years… Money grabbing, badly written coding sods! Real pile of poo!

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