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Avid Pro Tools 12.6 licensing issue

Avid Pro Tools 12.6 licensing issue  ·  Source: Robin Vincent


With version 12.6 of Pro Tools, Avid introduced a new licensing system. It required users to download and activate a new license to their iLok account. Unfortunately not everyone received the new license and so began the wailing of users who could no longer run their software.


After 3 weeks of user frustration, Avid have finally released a statement on the DUC community forum as follows:

The roll-out of new iLok licenses for Pro Tools 12.6 was complex and took a major effort from several teams here at Avid. Although our success rate was very high (More than 99% of the licenses were deposited successfully), there can be issues when moving a very large customer base to new licensing. The transition has been very demanding, and we’re still hard at work.

When fixing the outstanding issues, it is important that we find the root causes and address them in an appropriate way. This process does take some time, so we are providing temporary licenses for all affected customers. Please rest assured that resolving this is a high priority for Avid.

Affected customers should see their new licenses deposited this week. If your Upgrade Plan was active at the time of the 12.6 release or you have an active Subscription and you do not have your new license by week’s end, please let Avid know through your Avid account or the Contact Support link.


We appreciate your patience while we work through the remaining issues as quickly as possible.

Pro Tools 12.6 woes

Information is always helpful, although I get slightly annoyed when a manufacturer relies on a community forum to put out vital information. I encountered this problem myself – I’m obviously one of the 1%. I checked my iLok account and found a license to download and so assumed everything was fine. However, it seems this wasn’t the correct license. After installing Pro Tools 12.6 it would insist that I had no license. My iLok sat there with a Pro Tools 12 license for all the world to see but Pro Tools 12.6 was having none of it. Searching through the DUC I found many other people with similar problems and some had said they submitted a case to Avid support and had received a temporary license. That’s what I did and about 24 hours later I got a reply and a temporary license in my iLok account.

It would have been helpful if Avid could have sent out a newsletter saying to contact them if you didn’t get your license. But then would I have read it or let it drop into my spam folder? I’m not a fan of the iLok and I think there are far better ways to authorise and run high value software. But if you are having a problem then login to your account on and persevere through the convoluted support pages – you’ll get there in the end.

Here’s the original statement.

Avid Pro Tools 12.6 licensing issue

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