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Output teaser

Output teaser  ·  Source: output

Output teaser

Output teaser  ·  Source: output

Output have sent out a newsletter saying “The next engine is coming – September 2016”. I wonder what they’re up to?

Output have made a name for themselves with some very unique Kontakt-based instruments. The first one, REV, used a sound engine based upon reversed samples and sounds. The second one, Exhale, used vocal samples as the basis of the sound generation. The third one, Signal, is known as a “Pulse” engine because it makes choppy, pulsey sounds with stacks of rhythm.

Output – you tease

They’ve now announced a forthcoming new engine to be released in September. What could it be? Maybe a pad engine – masses of atmospherics and deep space explorations. Perhaps a phase shifting engine that keeps everything moving. If current trends are anything to go by then it’s probably an electric piano engine featuring the soul of every vintage electric piano ever built. Or something a bit more modular. The image of a speaker cone that comes with the newsletter I think is just a speaker cone and not supposed to represent the new engine…. Or does it?

We don’t have long to wait so all will be revealed soon. I really like the Output stuff so personally I’m quite excited.

There’s currently no information on the Output website but we’ll let you know as soon as we know more.

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