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2getheraudio OpZilla

2getheraudio OpZilla  ·  Source: 2getheraudio


2getheraudio has released OpZilla and it will destroy Tokyo with its FM synthesis, 4-operator algorithms and pitch envelopes.



FM continues to be a fascination and 2getheraudio believes they’re the ones to finally crack it by making it bigger than anyone else’s. Although it’s only got 4 operators so I think they may be overhyping themselves just a tiny bit – but who cares? It’s a monster!

OpZilla has a single-screen layout with everything on the front panel. The sliders are very DX in style and there are lots of them. Each operator has 16 waveforms with its own section with envelope, tuning, tone and playability options. There are 64 algorithms to choose from providing countless sonic possibilities via feedback and amounts of frequency modulation. 2 LFOs per voice provide lots of modulation in various shapes. At the end you have a nice bank of 4 effects; Distortion, Chorus, Delay and Reverb.

What’s brilliant about OpZilla is how it feels so accessible in terms of sound manipulation. While the presets are excellent you don’t feel restricted to them and can quite quickly start manipulating them into your own ideas. Is it a monster? Well, it’s difficult to feel scared of FM piano sounds, windchimes and metallic basslines but there’s certainly a lot in here.

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More Information

OpZilla is available for MacOS and Windows and uses a “pay-what-you-want” pricing policy where you can select anything from $10 to $100 depending on your circumstances. You can also select a charity to donate 10% of your purchase. That’s a really welcome way to behave.

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  • 2getheraudio website.
  • More from 2getheraudio.


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2getheraudio OpZilla

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4 responses to “OPZILLA: it’s a monster of an FM Synthesizer”

    iixorb says:

    I wonder why they opted for 4 op and not go the whole hog to at least 6 ? Surely there’s enough ‘real estate’ on the panel for 6 and enough processing power in most computers these days? As far as I’ve been able to establish – having owned a DX100 since 1987, and many DX7s since not long after that, you can do everything that a 4 op FM synth can do, on a 6 op FM synth.
    Perhaps Less is More in this case ?! Still, can’t grumble at their very generous pricing policy.

      2getheraudio says:

      It was partly a design choice in order to avoid cluttering the UI. We wanted it to be simple and fun to use.

      Traditionally with 6 op FM, you would dedicate 2 ops to generate an attack part of the sound. Here you have sampled attacks, which actually give you a lot more flexibility.

      Finally, compared to the classical 4 op synths, Opzilla has extra waveforms, envelope modes, algorithms, and custom feedback sources. It can do a lot of things that 6 ops synths can’t.

    Xorba says:

    Demo music unbelievable cheeeeesy, like 1970 home porno movie!

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