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Audiomodern Opacity II

Audiomodern Opacity II  ·  Source: Audiomodern

Opacity II is an extraordinary collection of six-string performances from guitarist Justin Hodges of Terre Grande wrapped up and delivered in an enigmatic and deeply manipulable Kontakt instrument.

Opacity II

We don’t cover a lot of Kontakt sampled instruments on Gearnews but this one completely floored me and so I feel compelled to talk about it. Simply booting it up and laying your hands on some keys is transformational and transportational as you are lifted to some other realm of guitar centred loveliness.

The library is created and performed by the Washington DC based duo Terre Grande. It’s designed to build on the concept of the original Opacity to use the familiar sound of the electric guitar to generate swirling soundscapes, clashing epics and the softest of flowing atmospheres.

Audiomodern Opacity II Terre Grande

Audiomodern Opacity II Terre Grande

The engine contains 14 complete Sessions, plus three variations, 4 groups of Loop performances and tonal elements such as Chords, Phrases, Sequences and Melodic Textures. Each of the Sessions in Opacity contains multiple song sections/variations and gives you the freedom to use any of the different parts of the sessions or increase complexity by adding complimentary guitar parts.

What does all that mean? Well, I’m sure it’s infinitely clever and full of endless tweaking potential (check out the website for more) but from my first dive what you get 4 layers to play with. These are mapped to octaves on your keyboard and each note plays a different variation on a phrase, sequence, swell or chord. You then wallow in the beauty of it all and discover that you seem to have lost a load of time somewhere. You find yourself naturally crafting theme tunes to melodramas, sad video game cut scenes and rootsy Sci-Fi epics. It is amazingly cinematic.

It’s packed full of parameters that you can mess with including guitar amps, microphone placements, envelopes and filters then running into reverbs, delays, stuttering and overdrive effects. You can choose just one group as a Performance discover all sort of amazing pads and rhythms. I am thoroughly enjoying this.

Opacity II is available now for an introductory price of €79 for Kontakt and Kontakt Player, MacOS or Windows.

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