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Novation Launchpad X

Novation Launchpad X  ·  Source: Novation

Novation Launchpad Mini

Novation Launchpad Mini  ·  Source: Novation

Celebrating the Launchpad’s 10th anniversary, Novation has unveiled the Launchpad X and Launchpad Mini MkIII controllers for Ableton Live. Released just in time for the Amsterdam Dance Event, the new Launchpads have everything we loved about the previous versions, and then some. What’s new?

Novation Launchpad X

The new Launchpad X sports the familiar 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive RGB pads, which Novation claims are more responsive than ever. In contrast to the previous version, the utility buttons along the top and right edges are now square. Launchpad X features drum and note modes with automatic switching between percussive and melodic triggering. There’s also a Capture MIDI button, which lets you capture ideas on the fly. Novation says that the Launchpad X’s dynamic note and scale modes keep everything in key. It also offers performance controls like stop, solo, mute, record arm, levels, pans and sends. The USB connector has been upgraded to USB-C, which is great news for owners of current Apple laptops.

Novation Launchpad X and Launchpad Mini

Novation Launchpad X and Launchpad Mini

Novation Launchpad Mini MkIII

The third edition of the Launchpad Mini packs 64 RGB pads in a compact controller, which Novation says fits in your bag. It’s designed to provide instant access to Live’s performance controls. Like the Launchpad X, Launchpad Mini offers drum and note modes. The baby Launchpad now also features a USB-C connector.

Both new Launchpads can be customized using the browser-based Novation Components editor. You can set up MIDI mappings for sending CCs, notes, and program change messages, and rows and columns can be used as faders. This means that the Launchpads can be quite useful outside of Ableton Live, as well.

The included software package contains Ableton Live Lite, plug-ins by AAS, XLN Audio, klevgrand and Softube, as well as a two-month subscription to Splice and a Sound Collective membership.

Price and availability

The Novation Launchpad X and Launchpad Mini are available immediately. You can already get them from Thomann for 199 Euros (Launchpad X)* or 109 Euros (Launchpad Mini)*.

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