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Toshiba RC100

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Scouting a bang-for-your-buck SSD to upgrade your rig? Toshiba may have something you might be interested in. The corporation released the new OCZ RC100 NVMe solid state drives, masterminded as an affordable entry into the NVMe realm of SSDs.


In case you are not up to speed, NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a data transfer standard developed specifically for SSD drives as the successor to the legacy SCSI and SATA protocols in use. It allows for superior throughput, reaching above SATA’s 600Gbps limit which put top-class SSDs hovering at around 500MB/s speeds and not budging any further.

Thanks to NVMe, Toshiba’s newest 64-layer 3D-TLC NAND memory chips, and a custom controller, these new drives race at up to 1600MB/s — way more than you need even for high resolution audio recording at the highest sample rate your converters allow. But those sample libraries will surely start loading faster, so the upgrade is indeed welcome!


Toshiba is offering the OCZ RC100 in 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB variants. They use PCIe x2 interfaces with B+M connectors so they fit in all M.2 sockets while retaining NVMe performance. Power consumption is rated at 70% that of current enthusiast-grade NVMe SSDs, which could translate in longer battery life and a simultaneously faster drive. Sounds great! Of course, a 500MB/s drive can hardly be considered a system bottleneck, but NVMe really is about the efficient usage of SSDs and their inherent advantage over hard disks, not so much chasing new speed records.

Prices for the SSDs are as follows:

  • 120GB GBP 45,63 / 49 EUR / 54 USD
  • 240GB GBP 64,99 / 69 EUR / 74 USD
  • 480G GBP 122,50 / 129 EUR / 134 USD

Very affordable and competitive, indeed! It’s nice to see Toshiba deliver on its claim of pricing these in the ballpark of traditional SATA SSDs. The glove has been thrown, we are eager to see how quickly competitors will react. Currently, there are no similarly-priced alternatives on the market. The drives are on sale now.

Toshiba RC100

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