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DPA GSM4000 with d:dicate 4011g

DPA GSM4000 with d:dicate 4011g  ·  Source:

DPA GSM4000 Gooseneck Shock Mount

DPA GSM4000 Gooseneck Shock Mount  ·  Source:

DPA GSM4000 with MMP-G active cable

DPA GSM4000 with MMP-G active cable  ·  Source:

DPA MMP-GR rear exit

DPA MMP-GR rear exit  ·  Source:

DPA MMP-GS side exit

DPA MMP-GS side exit  ·  Source:


DPA microphones are amongst the finest available, typically offering a very transparent sound. There are a number of capsules which have become famous for their performance and clarity. I am a fan of their 4006 for example, which has to be one of the most open-sounding omni directional mics I’ve ever used. Recent developments in the DPA camp have seen more versatile and compact abilities coming to fruition for these well-known mics. These new accessories for the d:dicate range of mics continues this story and connects several of the DPA product ranges for increased possibilities.


DPA GSM4000 Gooseneck Shock Mount

The first gooseneck mount I remember using from DPA, was with their 4099 instrument condenser microphones. These have proved to be a great solution for using condenser mics on a live stage, with of course the DPA sound. This new GSM4000 utilises this design concept but for the d:dicate range of recording mics. I’m a fan of clip-on style mics in some scenarios, as they follow an instrument at a set distance, independent of the performers movements. The GSM4000 adds the use any of d:vote instrument clips, which are the existing instrument clip products from DPA.

DPA d:dicate MMP-GR / MMP-GS Active Cable

Designed to work with the GSM4000, this cable clips onto the gooseneck shock mount for ease of use and smart placement of a mic on virtually any instrument. While most mic products terminate in heavy XLR cables, DPA have invested heavily in providing solutions such as these, which are elegant and discreet. This new cable terminates in DPA’s microdot connector which permits the use of your favourite capsule with a range of possible connections. This of course includes XLR connectors, or with wireless transmitters.

Rather impressively, these cables active by including a small pre-amp, which has been designed to work with the d:dicate capsules. See the pictures above for the two available versions: side exit or rear exit cables.


More Information

These are the type of products most buyers will receive bundled with a new DPA mic package, therefore price information may vary. However, list prices for the individual units are 65 GBP +taxes for the GSM4000 and 270 GBP +taxes for the MMP-G active cables. This might seem surprisingly expensive for the cables, but we must remember the small pre-amp inside that is designed to match their capsules.

For more technical information and to see how these accessories open up a world of possibilities utilising the rest of DPA’s range, check out these links:

GSM4000 Gooseneck Shock Mount

MMP-GR / MMP-GS Active Cable

DPA GSM4000 with d:dicate 4011g

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